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Gawd, eurh! Neuarhg...! *pprt!*

I'd so love to post some updates soon, but as people now: I'm very lazy. But I usually get around to doing just a bit of work at times. But I have so much homework these days, it's impossible to find one time when I'm like "Oh, gee whiz, I don't have anything to do, and I'm not tired and/or lazy. Oh wow, I'd better go draw something!"

I still draw scraps in school now and then. I've even started writing some random stories doing lessons. But they're in Danish, so you wont have so much fun with 'em... Except you Danish pissmidgets.

I got a new computer... Which is AWESOME!? But my Wacom is now so indescribably old, that my new computer doesn't support it anymore, so I can't even get to drawing! And no, I don't feel like going back to inking things in hand. When you first go digitizer, you never go... Not... Digitizer...

And yes, I have tried going back to the old computer, do some work on that one, but it's so messed up that I can't even save a file in Photoshop that I've been working on for 10 minutes without a "Sorry, you're out of RAM, loser" - message.

Yes, I know, I have to invest in a new Wacom. Jeez, will you calm down?

Yes, I will scan in my latest scraps.. When I feel like it...

But that's all the time I've got. Back to my Danish homework!

Vi ses, mennesker! Ciao! relatively
  • Mood: Lazy
  • Listening to: My new computers (relatively less noisy) humming
  • Reading: My post?
  • Watching: My life drawing to an end... My life's drawing!
  • Eating: Just ate
  • Drinking: I think I'm gonna drink ALOTTA water...


Mathias K. Berthelsen
I'm Mathias K. Berthelsen, aka Mathy Dunefarm.
Currently I'm living in Aalborg, Denmark, where I study Medialogy at Aalborg University.
My dream is to enter the world of gaming through graphics, music and/or storytelling.

Enjoy my art and my comics and please do leave a comment.

To listen to some of my music, please go to:

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mnrART Aug 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm number 6000 <3
My God, man, you sure are! I must congratulate you, good sir, for you have surely come upon the exact number of greatness! I greet you with humbleness and bid you welcome to my house of art. It is a meek thing at this time, but perhaps it will someday blossom to its full potential. Or wither and die. Anywho, I leave you! Tally-ho!
Yay, nice gallery! :D
kobber Mar 26, 2009
I has Fav :D Thx
happy birthday!! :D
Spyro18 Jul 1, 2008
Du er en ven af en som Jacob Meier ikk?
Jepsen depsen
Spyro18 Jul 14, 2008
okay, for jeg kender Meier som også er en af mine venner...
thanks4thefave(s) =)
Damn I just realised I wasn't watching you o__O *quickly amends that*
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